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Our Menu


All salads served with option of Thousand Island, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Italian, French, or Honey Mustard dressing.

Chubby's Chicken Salad


Mixed greens topped with green peppers, onions, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, croutons, and 8oz chicken. Grilled, fried, or blackened.
Try your chicken in your favorite sauce $0.55

The Chef Salad


Fresh mixed greens with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, croutons, onions, green peppers topped with a healthy portion of ham and turkey.

Smaller Side Caesar


Classic great tasting Caesar salad.

Chicken Caesar Salad


Crisp salad greens topped with grilled or blackened chicken breast. Shaken in our homemade Caesar dressing with croutons.

The Side Salad


Smaller salad with fresh mixed greens, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, bacon, croutons, cheese. Order one with wings. DO IT.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


Golden fried mozzarella cheese sticks served with Momma's marinara.

Jalapeno Poppers


Jalapenos peppers stuffed with cream cheese.



Grilled Chicken breast, shaved steak or try veggie style, with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream on the side.
Shaken in your favorite Chubby sauce $0.55



Thick onion slices seasoned and lightly fried. Goes great with any meal.

Chips and Salsa


Fresh corn tortilla chips fried and served with a bowl of salsa.

Chubby Cheesy Bread


Toasted French bread baked with garlic butter and cheese.
Add marinara and cheese to make a French bread Pizza $0.75

Corn Nuggets


Sweet corn perfectly breaded and deep fried and served with ranch dressing.

Fried Mac 'N Cheese


Your grandma's mac 'n' cheese, deep-fried and served with ranch dipping sauce.

Pretzel Bites and Beer Cheese


Perfectly Deep-Fried Pretzel Bites with a Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce.

Fried Mushrooms


The finest picked fungus in the South, deep fried. Served with ranch dressing.

Bite Trio Sampler


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Fried Mushrooms, and Jalapeno Poppers.

Fried Pickles


Double handful of dill chips lightly battered and deep fried. Make them Spicy - add fried jalapenos mixed in. No extra charge.

French Fries


Straight-cut Idaho French fried potatoes lightly seasoned.
Large fry $5.99 
Wedge-cut seasoned fries $3.99
Add Chili $1.29
Add cheese or bacon $1.00

Potato Skins


Six fried potato skins loaded with cheese and bacon. Served with sour cream.

Buffalo Shrimp


Lightly breaded popcorn-style shrimp shaken in mild buffalo sauce. Served with ranch.

Southwestern Egg Rolls


Served with sweet 'n' sour dipping sauce.

Chubby Tots


3/4 lb. of America's favorite tots, fried.
Add cheese $1.00
Add chili $1.29
Add bacon $1.00

Chubby Wraps

Chicken Wrap


8oz chicken breast in a large tomato basil wrap. Grilled, fried, or blackened.

Fish Wrap


Chubby's fresh fish cooked blackened, grilled, or fried in our tomato basil wrap.

Bacon Cheeseburger Wrap


Half pound of 100% Certified Angus Beef, grilled to perfection, topped with bacon and cheese, in a large tomato-flavored flour wrap.

Chicken Caesar Wrap


8oz grilled, blackened, or fried chicken breast with crisp Romaine lettuce and our homemade Caesar dressing in a tomato basil wrap.

Steak Wrap


8oz of seasoned 100% Certified Angus Beef shaved steak with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and green peppers rolled up in a large tomato basil wrap.

Shrimp Wrap


Fried shrimp covered with cheese in our tomato basil wrap.

The Club Wrap


Layered ham, turkey, bacon with melted cheese in a large tomato basil wrap.

Wings and More

Hot Dog


A quarter pound all beef hot dog grilled to perfection and placed on its own special bun. Served with chips and a pickle.
Chubby's Toppings: $0.50
Cheese | Bacon | Coleslaw | Chili | Onion | Sauteed Mushrooms
Add an extra Hot Dog: $3.00

Chicken Tenders


Chicken breast perfectly seasoned and cooked, served in strips with a side of honey mustard sauce for dipping. Choose grilled or fried.
Get them tossed in your favorite sauce $0.55

Specialty Wings

$1.00 per 10 wings
Including: Breaded, All Drums, All Flats, Chubby Style, or Johnny Style.

2. Turn Up The Heat

Caution: Our Wing Temperatures Run Hot! Please Order Accordingly!
Mild | Medium | Hot | TKO

Award Winning Chubby Style Wings

Simply Awesome! Grilled to perfection with Chubby's Secret Seasoning and ranch or blue cheese dressing and celery.
Add - Only $1.00 extra per 10 wings.

Cajun Chicken Bites


Our version of boneless wings - 8oz of chicken breast cut up, fried, and seasoned. Served with seasoned fries.
Get them tossed in your favorite sauce $0.55
Make them loaded (add bacon & cheese) $1.50

Boneless Chicken Wings


10 Pieces. Each order includes choice of blue cheese or ranch and celery.

1. Pick Your Chubby Sauce

Spicy Ranch
Caribbean Jerk
Spicy Blue Cheese
Smokey Garlic
Garlic Ranch
Honey Mustard
Mango Habanero
Garlic Parmesan
Sweet & Sour
Lemon Pepper
Maple Cajun
Tangy Gold

3. Pick Your Quantity

6 Pieces- $9.00

10 Pieces - $13.50
15 Pieces - $20.00
20 Pieces - $27.00

30 Pieces-$40.50
40 Pieces - $54.00
50 Pieces - $59.50 Split 2 ways
100 Pieces - $99.99 Split 4 ways
Served wet- $0.55 per 10 wings
Addition sauce - $0.55
Extra Celery, Blue Cheese, or Ranch Dressings - $0.55 each

Hand Patted Burgers

Served with fries, coleslaw, or potato salad.
Lettuce, tomato and onion upon request.
Sub O-Rings 2.59 | Sub a Side Salad 1.99
Chub it Up!
Add American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, 3 Cheese Blend
Add Bacon $0.75 | Add Chili $1.29 | Add extra patty $3.00

Chubzilla Burger


Bring an appetite!
Bacon cheeseburger doubled up over one pound of 100% Certified Angus Beef! Served on a hamburger bun with creamy chubby sauce on top and bottom.

The American Dream


8oz of 100% Certified Angus Beef cooked to order, topped with crisp bacon and American
cheese. Served with your choice of Hand
Dipped Milkshake.

Mushroom Burger


8oz of 100% Certified Angus Beef
topped with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

The Chub Burger


Delicious half pound of 100% Certified Angus Beef burger on a toasted bun. Served with a pickle.
Chub it Up -
add cheese $1.00
add bacon $1.00

Sandwiches & More

All sandwiches include your choice french fries, coleslaw,
or potato salad and a pickle. Unless stated otherwise.
Lettuce, tomato and onion upon request, unless stated otherwise.

Philly Steak Sandwich


Thinly shaved steak from 100% Certified Angus Beef, grilled and served on a hoagie roll with sauteed onions, green peppers,
mushrooms and our 3 cheese blend. Sub beer cheese for .50
Sub Chicken no extra charge.

Chicken Parmesan Grinder


6 oz of chicken breast tenders,
smothered in marinara sauce and
covered in mozzarella.
Served on a toasted bun with chips.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich


Juicy tender chicken breast
topped with BBQ, bacon,
and Swiss cheese
served on a toasted bun.
Grilled, fried or blackened.

Double Decker BLT


A big tasting sandwich with two
layers of crispy bacon, fresh lettuce,
and ripe tomato on Texas toast
served with chips and a pickle.

French Dip


Hot and savory roast beef topped with
Swiss cheese served on a hoagie with
delicious au jus dipping sauce.
Served with fries and a pickle.

Seafood Plate


(Choice of One)
Choice of fried fish or shrimp
with two sides.
Add extra fish or shrimp $3.00

Turkey Melt


Hot turkey sandwich with bacon and
Swiss cheese served on Texas toast.
Served with chips and pickle.

Chicken Sandwich


8oz tender and juicy chicken
breast served on a toasted bun.
Grilled, fried, or blackened.
Add cheese $1.00

Club Sandwich


Double layers of turkey, ham, bacon,
lettuce, tomato, and choice of
American or Swiss cheese
served on Texas toast.
Served with chips and a pickle.
Sub Roast Beef $9.29

The Fish Sandwich


8oz of Chubby's catch available grilled, fried, or blackened
served on a toasted hoagie roll.

Kids Meals

6-inch Mini Pizza


Topping Choices: Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Ham, Pepperoni.

Lil' Chubby's Favorites


All Kids Menu items are served with potato chips, fruit cup, pickle, and a small drink, excluding pizza. Limit 2 Kids' meals per adult.
All kids' meals are $3.00 on Tuesday.
Corn Dog | Chicken Tenders | Grilled Ham and Cheese | Ravioli Macaroni & Cheese

Lil' Wings


Four piece chicken wings, plain or seasoned. Served with potato chips, fruit cup and small drink.




Hand-dipped 20 oz. of Blue Bunny Ice Cream mixed and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Choice of chocolate, vanilla, Oreo cookie, orange cream, and frosted lemonade.



2 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and a cherry.



A slice of Chubby's cheesecake with choice of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, raspberry, strawberry, or white chocolate topping.



Sierra Mist

Mountain Dew


Diet Pepsi

Pink Lemonade

Orange Crush

Dr. Pepper